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    Meet Martine


    Hi. I am Martine Hart, the founder of SuFru and as cliche as it may sound: I am just like you. I am a wife, mother, sister, and friend. I sing karaoke around the house with my kids and am known for having my family and friends over for get togethers or random hangouts. When no one is watching I eat pasta with my fingers and I have a tendency to tickle my children whenever the mood strikes.

    I love to travel, prefer broccoli too carrots and basketball to football. I have an extensive bucket list that keeps on growing and amazing family and friends. I want what is best for them – just like you. And that is why I started SuFru.

    I am so passionate about SuFru that we moved back to the states from Germany to ensure we got it right into your hands because you deserve more. Our families deserve more. We deserve loving our bodies – even with the baby weight. We deserve healthier lifestyles without breaking the bank.

    SuFru is my reaction to learning that a popular and recognized children’s multivitamin contained a harmful ingredient. I discovered this information through an article I stumbled upon while cruising my favorite social media site. It was covering products by major wellness brands that boasted all natural, no preservatives wellness supplements and pediatrician stamps of approval. In the article these brands were being accused of selling products with harmful ingredients. I did not believe the article and went to verify its accusations by grabbing my sons multivitamin; as I scanned the list of ingredients my heart pumped hard with shock, disbelief, and anger. It was at that moment that SuFru blossomed in my heart and it was that moment that I decided moms everywhere deserved to know the truth. I was determined to give them a truly healthy alternative that they could count on.

    SuFru is a brand that cultivates and produces passion, desire, focus, care, and nourishment. SuFru gradually moves you and your family into a healthier lifestyle through community, support, and resources.

    Although SuFru was birthed out of my disheartenment with children’s multivitamins, it has quickly become a solution to many of the healthier lifestyle challenges we all face. Through a natural and wholesome approach SuFru products contain potent and effective super fruits that deliver healthy nutrients your body needs while passing along the side effects of weight management, energy stabilizing, and more. It is a pleasure to share SuFru with you. As always – live fruitfully, Martine Hart