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    SuSweet. A simple way to make your life sweeter.


    Mojito cocktail on the background of the barThere are dozens of artificial or low calorie sweeteners available today that help you reduce your sugar intake. Yet there are not many solutions available that naturally enhance the sweetness of the foods you consume each day.

    That’s why we developed SuSweet: a simple way to make your life sweeter. Literally.

    Harnessing the power of a West African berry known as “Miracle Berry,” our SuSweet dissolving tablets will temporarily make the food and beverages you consume taste sweeter. That’s right, when SuSweet is consumed before snacks and meals you will naturally enhance the sweetness and taste of your favorite treats without the need to add sugar or artificial sweeteners. Just take one dissolving tablet of SuSweet before you eat or consume your favorite tea or coffee and enjoy a full, sweet flavor without adding sugar or other artificial sweeteners.

    Get SuSweet for you and your family

    When eaten, this berry causes sour and bland foods to taste sweet for up to one hour after consumption.

    miracle-fruitmiracle-fruitSuSweet comes conveniently packaged to make taking SuSweet tablets easy, anywhere, all the time. Simply place one of the dissolving tablets on your tongue, wait a few minutes prior to eating or drinking your favorite treats and enjoy them without worrying about sugar or other harmful artificial sweeteners.

    SuSweet makes transitioning into a healthier lifestyle simple and quick. These dissolving tablets ensure you consume less sugar naturally without sacrificing your palate or having to eat flavorless, boring foods. It was created to fit into your daily routine; whether you are looking to improve your health, reduce your sugar intake, or shed a few pounds.

    Just one tablet of SuSweet will help you start your journey to better health and a sweeter lifestyle!

    Get SuSweet for you and your familyCheck Out Our SuSweet RecipesView Nutrition Facts